Once there was a guy, not an ordinary guy, but a guy who once had it all. However, he obtained it all the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. One day a person’s past always catches up to them

When you’re a free man in the world, you have friends everywhere. Everyone wants to talk to you and be in your face. But if you ever make a bad decision that leads to jail, your considered out of sight, out of mind. Three hots and a cot, a place where grown men eat kids meal. The weak are exploited. Here you store your food in the same place your dirty socks and reading 





books are.

“Sorry guy, no mail for you today.”

No one wants to talk to this guy anymore. These people you felt loyal too and who you thought had your back, find other people to take your place.




During phone in visitation.

“Hey, I miss you baby…why haven’t you visited me?”

“Sorry, I have another boyfriend, sorry to break the news to you. We are getting married and I am raising a family with him

      However, receiving a second chance at life, the guy who has a name, is not important for now, because he is just considered a number. Suffering at the hands of an unjust but fair legal system, he promises to himself, “When I get another chance I will do the right thing…my selfish character has given me more than I can chew!” FADE OFF!


My name is King Cervus, I know a great deal, but sometimes I put myself in positions that make it seem like I knew nothing at all. It cost me a lot in the long run. I hope it doesn’t cost you. I lost my family, my friends, everything I owned; houses, cars, businesses, money, and jewelry, even my freedom. But maybe I can get my life back on track with your help or maybe I can help you get your life back on track.

Standing in booking, waiting to be released, I close my eyes for a second and thank the Lord that I am able to walk out of prison in one piece. Hopefully some of you guys will never know, but people go to jail everyday. However, most don’t come out the same and some never get out. People are dying in there. Fighting, stabbing, killing, raping, you name it.

That’s all behind me, now begins my new life. I know I can change for the better, but do I want to finally give up the fast life. It’s easy to say yes when I have not been around the money and fame, but we will see.

Standing outside smelling the fresh air, “man I used to take this for granted. I have not seen a bird flying in five years…” Looking at my watch, “everyone knew I was getting out today and exactly what time. No one’s here. Just to think, I used to buy people cars, clothes, better yet,
even houses. And this how they do me? But let me slow down…have patience! Sitting in a small room, for years, has taught me valued patience. I guess I will just walk!”

 “Boy, just to think I used to be rich. Now I don’t even have a car. My girl sold all of em’ and didn’t send me a dime!”





Seeing cars riding down the street, with its passengers watching and grinning.

“Wow, they know me, but they just laughing and waving. Give me a ride! Naw, I ain’t been asking nobody for nothing and shole won’t start now.” Talking to myself, “I can’t wait until I get home to a home cooked meal. Walking pass the city’s cemetery, “man I used to hate coming by here in my car…” Remembering all 58 dead homies, first and last names. “I guess my peers
made me out of a liar when I used to say ‘I am never going to jail.’ But I promise, I ain’t going back there again, I put that on my soul. I was always taught never to dream or live in the past. But it’s hard to forget all the money I had, however fast money ain’t no money. Now, me and my family have been demoted from the lifestyle of the opulent to the projects. Boy this game of hustling is the wickedest game ever invented. I knew I should have stayed in college.”

Walking into his new home, King is surprised by many people he hasn’t seen or heard from in years. “Surprise! Welcome home!”
Talking to myself, “why all these people over here, they ain’t my friends. These jokers ain’t send me a dime, a letter, just broken promises. I should throw everybody out! Patience!” A glance of a thought. “I’ll just go along with it. How bad could it be?”
The people really seem surprised to see King Cervus home, however, everyone loves a party. “Hey playa, welcome home.” The celebration continues. Speaking to his wife, with a grand hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Hey, why didn’t no one
come get me?” “I sent Professor X to come, you didn’t see him, he used to be your best friend?” “I used to have a lot of friends. Ever since he lost his pharmaceutical companies then his wife, he is not the genius, he use to be. So no, I didn’t see him at all. I walked the entire way home

and didn’t see no one but haters!” King Cervus exhales with a sour pitch, thinking. “Where are my kids? I missed them so much.”
As the night comes to a close, but not fast enough, Professor X comes through the door under the influence of an addictive drug. Alongside of him, are his new friends, Rasta and Mrs. Sexy. “Hey bro, long time no see, these my friends,“ Stopping the trio before they get any closer after taking a whiff of polluted air. “Leave all that foul smoke outside, my kids here. Plus I quit

”I see why you were late now, you were chasing girls.”
Professor X, “So what you gon’ do now since you out big homie?”
Rasta, “Bro, welcome home, I got a sack for you so you can get some money.”

King Cervus shakes off the nonscience, “Now that I’m out, I need to get a job. It was cool to be wild when I was younger, but the years I lost, I got to thinking about my kids. If I get caught hustling again, they gon’ give me double or triple the time. Things I do don’t only affect me, they affect my entire family. As I did my time, they did time without a father and a breadwinner. My decisions set us back to the stone age.”
Waving off the words of a madman, as many men are released on a daily basis, King’s friends joke, “friends will be friends”, so they all uttered the same thing. “Man you gon’ get back! They can’t keep us down.” “Where was ‘us’ when ‘I’ was in jail. Man I can’t depend on y’all, y’all couldn’t even pick me up.” “Man did you see Mrs. Sexy, we couldn’t let her get away!” Professor X laughs.
“Oh, okay. Goodnight and get out,” King points towards the door.

Spending time with his family, everyone reminiscences of the past. Early the next morning. “I got to find a job!” Searching the entire morning on foot, the realization sets in. “I got to go to the unemployment office, so they can help me find a job.”

“Sorry come back tomorrow, we are filled to capacity.”

Not waiting to the last minute, as his priorities are in order, some better than others. King Cervus goes to talk to his preacher because the church has always been his family. “Hey Rev,” “Hey boy, we missed you for some years, we heard you ran into some problems.” “Yeah you know,” “Well I hope your not going back to that lifestyle?” Thinking about bills and the kids materialistic lists of everything they want since their dad is back, along with no car along with his
wants…” “Rev its bad! I need a job.” “Boy the job situation is bad. I know some community organizations who can help! They pay a little.” “Rev, but I need a lot.” “See son, you have to slow down, you too use to that fast money, honest people work hard for a living with little pay, but it builds for the future and will always be there. You was a smart kid, you forget where you come from, you got rich and all the kids wanted to be like you. When you went to jail, they went
to jail tryna take your place!” K.C. thinks about his old ways.

Walking from the church, 21st street looks like a war zone. Besides being uncomfortable about this thing called walking, King Cervus brainstorms about the things his preacher was telling him. “But that’s foolery! I’m not concerned with others now. Only those people who never did for community would feel guilty for a statement like that. I used to help the community so much, the Crooked Fed cops use to try to extort me…” King thinks to himself, now with mixed
revelations, “what have I done for anyone lately though is the question?”

“I see they still shooting in broad daylight.” (man dead from daylight shooting).

.King Cervus now walks through the neighborhood trying to get anywhere. Stumbling on a crime scene, a body lays face down with a single cop radioing in. Making contact with the familiar-faced officer, a 3rd person walks up asking for directions. “How do you get to the east side?” When the officer points the direction. The man pulls out a huge gun, “give it up punks. I want everything! Give me you gun, badge, and all yo money.” 

While the police empty’s his items. He in return says, “you know I am the police, you know I will catch you.” “So what! I ain’t hiding, they call me Lama, the only reason I ain’t killing you is cause I’m making an example of you. But If I see you again, I’m boxin’ you up, nail in the coffin like…” As King thinks it a personal beef between police and thug, Lama demands, “and you too. Gimme’ those dress shoes. I ain’t never had a pair of gators, but I do now and so what they
some 15’s or 16’s.” Lama runs off laughing.

In a rage fueled by disgust, the officer recognizes the walker’s face. King is that you. “Officer Friendly, what’s good?” King I ain’t seen you in a grip. Yeah man those crooked alphabet boys chased me away.” “Well you lucky you left, all them other boys got life.” “I heard!” “So what you doing now!” The officer smiles at the now humble ex-kingpin, “looking for a job.” “Man I heard you was driving Lamborghinis of the shores or the Florida Keys. I know, because we were looking for you”

The officer rubs it in. “Now I’m driving these David Edens. Well at least I was, I’m barefoot now.” King wiggles his toes adding, “you just let that dude rob us, however I learned to look on the bright side. I could be dead like that guy there!”
Continuing the emergency call to dispatch, the officer asserts. “Man ain’t no jobs, you might need to move back down south.” “Man those Feds got me hostage in Gangsta Island, I can’t leave the city, and my PO standing on me.” Rambling through the open truck of the car, Officer Friendly and King talk while a shotgun is retrieved and other officers arrive at the scene. “Lets go! I will drop you off wherever you need to go, then I will catch this Lama guy.”

Riding down the street in the police car, the barefooted King snaps wildly. “Hmmm, you call yourself a protector of the law. You couldn’t even help yourself, the old me would have took that sucka out, fast and a hurry, but I can’t carry a gun because I’m on paper. They said if I get caught with a gun, that’s a mandatory 10 years.” “King its gotten worse since you left, at least y’all had honor, no women no kids. Now it’s the kids themselves doing the shootings. Man you
was a role model to the kids and the younger gangsters. At least until you find a job you should give back.” “Give back?” King squints. “Man just get me back to the church, see if Rev got some shoes for me. I can’t go home like this.”

Pulling up to the church, “Rev, me the Officer friendly got robbed by a thug named Lama. He
even stole my shoes…”

Arriving home, King hugs his wife and kisses his kids. As dinner is being served. King washes his hands. Looking in the bathroom mirror, king doesn’t like the image he witnesses. “Hmm, all my life I ain’t never been no sucka or let nobody take nothing from me. I should have taken that dude gun.” King swears to himself, never once thinking he could have been hurt or even killed.
“I used to put the G in Gangster. These dudes running around ain’t nothing but pranksters. They gon’ piss me off..” Talking to himself, his wife comes in, startling him, “who you here mumbling to?” “Woman, you better knock!” King unclunches his fist. “Why you so jumpy?” “When you been locked up and crazy jokers running around, your sense of security is heightened.” “Is that right? Don’t let me find out you came home soft…food ready.” She walks off.

Sitting at the table with his family, King says grace. Upon digging in, his wife questions, “how was your day today?” “Now that I’m here with my wife, my son, and my daughter, it’s all that.
Being imprisoned away from y’all was tragic.” Looking at his son, “so how was school today?” “It was okay, someone got killed up there.” “Killed?” King’s eyes pop out the sockets. “Yeah, that was the second one this month.” “Students?” “No, just some Takers.”

“Boy you talk like it’s okay!” Changing the subject, son questions, “Dad, they say before you went to jail, you had the toughest gang in the city!” With a sour face, “don’t believe rumors son.” That night, King lays on the bed with his wife. “Baby we need to send the kids to another school.” “Why have this conversation, that’s the only school close and I can’t quit my job to move anywhere else. We did it your way, now we are in the projects. But I ain’t mad cause
when we were having it all, I wasn’t complaining. But baby you just got home from jail. You can’t change things, it’s been like this for years and besides you don’t even have a job. And you don’t have to get one immediately, relax cause your home. But if your thinking about hustling. I am leaving you… Find something you enjoy doing and let’s enjoy our family. We can’t do another 5-10 years without you.” While laying in bed, “The Rev said he wants me to help out the community.” She replies. “Sounds like a plan to me, safe-like.”

    The next day, King goes to the church, “Rev, what’s up with that job you were telling me about.” “That’s at the Boys Club, would you believe it’s over 200 kids and not one father donates his time?” “I wonder why?” King laughs adding, “How much the pay?” “I can get them to give you about $10 an hour!” “Wow, that is a donation minus the tip for-real for-real!” “Look at it on the bright side. You say you used to help so many, but those people didn’t really need it cause
they were men. There are helpless kids ready to learn whatever a person teaches them.

  Whether it be schoolbooks to the killing fields.” Taking a deep breath, King frowns, “Rev. you shole know how to put the pressure on a brother.” “If you think that’s pressure, if I thought you had some money I’d ask you for a donation. The church needs a new annex. That’s what you should have been spending all that money on instead of driving benz’s and imitating Slicky Ricky.” “Rev. but you got a Benz.” “And the Lord gave it to me!” The Rev smiles hardily, “Let’s
go see if you like your new job!”

Outside the boys club. “Yeah, King I can’t even get the police to stop thugs from hang’n around the playground.” Hustlas hanging outside.

Walking into the battered, rundown building, King shakes his head, “Dang Rev, that’s probably the same paint on the wall as when I was 8 years old attending here?” “Its bad, no equipment, no field trips, no nothing.” “Come on Rev, I know you could have done something!”
King gets on the Reverend like he gets on him. “Son, I am the one who begs the mayor not to shut it down because it’s not in the city’s budget, then me and some others business owners agree to pay half of the utilities and they let us slide on a year-to-year contract…”
Sitting in the main office, Rev brings the great news to everyone. “I’ve found the man to take the job and make it work!” As the staff of females look at the newly elected official. They point,

“We know you, your King. You use to be a boss to a lot of these rifrafts.” With a raised hand. “Hey, that was a long time ago. I’ve did my time and like you said used to be! If and when I was the boss, we didn’t deal with kids… Now if you think a softy is the person for the job, I will leave, but if you want the Ring Master to deal with these savages let’s get started. Jokers know of me around here. I know I still got pull on these streets, they used to be mine. If I worked here, I
wouldn’t allow none of this madness to go on…” “Well we are just women, we can only call Officer Friendly, then the thugs leave for a second and come right back.” “Okay ma’am, I’ll help and I mean I will work full time as a counselor at the school and I will also donate my free time!” King converses while staring at the gangsters invading the edge of the school zone.

After telling the Rev. “Hey, I need to go out there alone, because your not going to be here tomorrow or the day after that. I got this! You know in jail, I taught a boxing class. I was 32-2 and that was just so I could nail those guys mouths shut, who ran in packs and I got em’ all one by one. I made them respect me after that…” King balds his fist with a smile.


Walking outside with his chest out, King talks as the car radios are blaring loud with voices of hostility revving even louder.

“Excuse me!” King is ignored, so he yells louder, “Aye player, this a place for kids, y’all too old to be on school grounds.” King addresses The Takers;Bully D. Williams, 5-fingers, Cokalina, Mr. H., and Rasta.

Being identified by someone in the crowd, Bully D. Williams questions, “Who you suppose to be old man?” “Youngin, they call me King Cervus, who are you? I used to run these streets, when you were a baby. Now I’m trying to give back and help these kids and y’all in the way…”
Looking funny, Mr. H. blasts in resentment . “Man I remember you, but you a has been. I took yo spot, I’m the man now. You left, got caught and went to jail. Now you come back softer than cotton candy. You look kinda sweet too. Let me get piece,” Mr. H. winks at King Cervus, encouraging laughter amongst the group. “Player I’m the last dude you want to be making fun of. I suggest y’all leave before-“ “Before you what, call the police.” Mrs. Sexy yells out. “Naw,
before I put you ova my knee and spank that butt.” King rolls his sleeves up

Dancing around in circles, Bully D. Williams jumps in King’s face, “What cha wanna do old man. Let’s-“ “BAAM!” King knocks him out with one punch, then it’s on. All of the thugs immediate rush King. “Bam, Pinng, WHopp, Doonk,” exploding punches from sound out from all angles

As the blows are heavily distributed throughout the bunch with King seeming to be the master brawler in a jail riot. Then suddenly, “Whommp!” Cokalina sneaks from behind thumping King in the back of the head with her pearled jammy. “Take that old man! That’s for disrespecting the flow of my bag. Let’s go!” She yells with sirens blazing in the air. “Somebody called 12’s.” Rasta blasts loudly while blowing a smoke. 

Opening his eyes with a tight squint, while lying on his back side, King fires off another 4-piece combination from his flattened position. “Hol, ho-hol!” The surrounding voices try to calm and restrain his actions. “King, it’s me Rev!” Shaking his head with a better glimpse, “Where am I?” He questions while being blinded by the bright lights. “Your at the hospital!” The Reverend states as he adjusts King’s head wrap. “What happen?” A voice sails from the other side of the
room, “You got knocked the hell out by a bunch of youngsters…” Officer Friendly smirks adding, “Man sit your butt down, your first day home you get robbed, second day knocked out. You know 3 strikes and you’re out. You know that big ole cemetery right up the road. If I were you, I wouldn’t come out of the house tomorrow!” Officer Friendly chuckles with a relaxing hand coming from Rev, “Give em’ a break, streets ain’t what they use to be.”

Checking to see where the familiar voice is coming from, King growls with a slight migraine.
“It figures, Officer Friendly, you should be the one to talk. You batting a cold zero. Yesterday you got your gun took, today you were late as usual to the scene of the crime. Make sure you don’t show up to work tomorrow, stop it. Everyday you on the force, you get a strike. You been striking out for 10 years. You’re a black eye for the department.” King struggles to laugh, then grabs his head, feeling a bandage. “Okay, let my patient get some rest!” A nurse asserts while
entering the room.

Walking out of the door, Officer Friendly laughs, “Hey since I’m the one who peeled you off of the pavement and brought you to the hospital, I might as well be the one to carry you home.” Chuckles again. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get Rev.” “I can’t do it, I have a luncheon with the mayor on how to curb the city’s violence.” “Don’t matter I will catch a bus.” The nurse interrupts, “You can only be released into someone’s custody with a head injury. “Like I said, I will be in the
lobby waiting on you.” Officer Friendly grins in awful humor. 

Riding home in the squad car, King guides Officer Friendly to his storage unit where his possessions have been sitting for years. “Why you have to go here now, you need to be getting some rest for that hard head of yours.” “Naw, I need to be doing what I am doing and like I said. If I am going to be able to help our youths, I need to fight fire with fire…” King rages on. “Now you know I can’t let you get no gun.” “First of all, you ain’t gon’ let me or stop me from doing
nothing. You don’t take that tone with those bad guy thugs, what makes you think you gon’ take it with me. You can let me out and I can walk.” Knowing King from the past and how dead set his mind can get, Officer Friendly locks the doors. “Naw, I will take you so I know what your getting yourself into

Walking through the house after entering the backdoor, King’s family freaks out seeing bandage on his head. “What happen daddy?” King’s siblings question. “Daddy fell at work!” He then escorts his wife into the back room to tell her the truth. “…and they jumped me. Now everybody asking me to quit but I ain’t even got started yet.” King exits, “I need to get some things out of the car.”

Emptying out the police car, King’s wife sees him carrying a lot of his old artifacts that symbolize wealth, power, and war. “Hey baby, why do you need your helmet, your robe, your walking cane, and your bulletproof jackets. Can you even possess them?” “I just got cracked in my skull. Now I need protection on it. And my robe is extra thick, I am going to cut out the Teflon in my bulletproof vest and fill the linings.

This will protect my body from gunfire-.” “Gunfire?” She stresses. “Everybody has a gun except for me. Now my cane is not ordinary. When me and you used to walk through the park, you didn’t know this was for security, it turns into a sword and the ball, brass handle breaks concrete. This is all I need to give me an edge.

Going back to the Boy’s Club, early the next morning, King appears in his tailored costume. Upon entering the office, King receives a round of snickers from all the females at the office.
“King, baby what do you have on. I think you hit your head too hard yesterday…” Counselor Mom expresses in humor and sorrow at the same time. “Didn’t you get my message, I told Rev to tell you to take as many days off as you needed.” “Oh, I’ve never been better. I assure you that I’m fine. I take a licking and keep on ticking. You can’t win em’ all, but you can surely fight every battle tactfully.” “ What’s that get-up your wearing? Gold crown, overcoat, combat boots,
and a walking cane-did they hurt your leg suga. Can you walk?” Counselor Mom observes the battered individual.

Stretching his arms out, then shaking both legs, King proves, “I’m perfectly fine. However, I thought about it hard last night while I was tending to my lumps. I want to be a real role model for the youth. I think about a lot of mistakes I made in my past. Who cares who don’t believe in me. But guess what, I’m going to be their mascot and every mascot needs a motto. Mine is ‘King at your service and I’m here to serve the needs of the children of our city!’ How you like it?” “Doesn’t matter how I like it, as long as you love it and stay true to your word. It won’t be as easy as you think, however those thugs haven’t been back yet. Officer Friendly parked on the corner, but they will be back just as soon as he pulls off. Anyway yesterday you didn’t get a chance to meet the kids, so their in the gym follow me.

“You be careful,” she adds. “I will call Officer Friendly so he can be on the watch.” “We will be fine, but you do what you must.” King walks out of the door saying, “You know it’s bad when kids can’t play safely outside in their own backyard. That’s why Cervus serves the kids. Let’s go y’all!”

Not trying to push the over-success of a great day, Counselor Mom yells, “kids come inside the building, recess is over.” Looking as the streets randomly grow with a thug presence, King just stands and watch as the numbers grow even greater. Thinking to himself, “Mmmm, looks like they coming to see a show. But I don’t need to deliver messages to messengers. I’m going to wait until the bosses show up. Then I will let them know it’s a new sheriff in town. No more
loitering and intimidating our youth. The law of the land will start being enforced today, not tomorrow, or next week…” When dealing with invaders, who prey off the safety of children hesitation is the worst medicine to cure a virus.

After escorting each kid safely inside, King stomps right back over to the same thugs who whipped him the previous day. “Hey, I told you yesterday. It’s a no fly-zone over here. The kids play zone is off limits. However the hostiles insist, “Sike!” “You must had bumped your head to hard yesterday and forgot who run these streets.” Looking at his competition; Rasta, Mr. H., Professor X, Meth Man, 5-Fingers, and Cokalina, King approaches and softly addresses them, “I’m sorry, if this was a movie script I would give a speech.” “Huh,” the thugs laugh. “What did he say, ha-ha-ha-ha!” Suddenly, with no hesitation, King approaches humbly and immediately goes to work in the blink of an eye like Barry Bonds. Raising his cane, “Crakk, BOOM, Blamm, Smash…” King pummels the thugs in seconds, giving them no chance of retaliation. “Professor X cries out as he wants no parts of the malice, “I’m your friend King.” “The only friends I have are these kids, I will let you make it this time. But not next time, now leave before I change my mind.”

Confiscating all the thugs money and weapons, “this will help with my hospital fees and even buy an air condition for the Boys Club.” King mumbles to himself adding, “Now run home and tell em’ who sent you. Next time you come back, just know its gon’ cost to be the boss.” As the beaten thugs slowly get off of the ground, Officer Friendly rides up. “Handle yo business.” King points to the stockpiles of weapons then walks back toward the Boys Club.

Entering back into the office, King receives a standing ovation along with Counsel Mom running up giving him a big, emotional hug. “I don’t ever want you to do that again, you could have gotten killed…” Wiping his face, King responds. “ How you feel as a loving God-fearing female, has nothing to do with me. Like my late basketball coach Ron Heflin once stressed the 5-Ps in life…’Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.’ If I didn’t act upon the way I feel,
those thugs would still be there. They not scared of the police or jail. They are scared of an old fashioned butt whippin’. This is not their territory, it belongs to the children, to play and learn in peace. Here is most of the money the thugs donated to help out. When I see these kids, I see mine and before you know it these same thugs will be at their school doing the same thing.”
King ends abruptly to go outside where Officer Friendly is currently handing the thugs away to an abusive officer, who doesn’t care about the rights of humans.

Meanwhile, running for his life, Professor X stumbles upon a TAKE in progress. Witnessing LAMA tossing up 5-Fingers, he listens. “5-Fingers I see your not fast at all. You know what this is. Now pick that money up. I’m collecting all debts for the Unda-Boss. And everytime I see you snitch, you better have some money or some information …”

Catching up to the rest of the four Hustlers, after taking the colossal butt whipping. Professor X cries, “We better hurry, Lama sticking up everybody.” Running to the bad guys hangout called The Unda-Boss’ Corner, this is the only safe haven from Lama. Walking into the private club, which is a members only, the battered crew enters in through the first of two doors from the back exit. Giving the secret knock, the bolts of the giant, steel door unlock.
Opening the door in a darkened passage, Butts, who is an old man that smokes two cigarettes at once, questions. “What are you guys doing back so early? The Boss is going to be upset, Ack-ack-ack-ack…” Butts coughs uncontrollably, “excuse me, my cancer is acting up again.” “Shut up, where the Boss at?” MR. H. fights his way in. “He’s here, torturing another

poor soul-don’t you be next!
Anyway, give me all the money so that I can make sure it is all accounted for. You know the boss won’t accept no money from anyone.” Mr. H. continues complaining aloud, “We got problems, we ‘Got Taken’ for our bread.” “Is that so,” with a raised eye, Butts confirms. “Matters none, the Unda-Boss sees no one unannounced. However, I will break the tragic news to him.” Butts exits into the darkness.

Lighting a cigarette, in a darkened corner, a voice sails.” He won’t care that you’re here if you don’t have any money. So you might as well leave.” “ We not leaving until we see the Boss. I need to explain what happened.” Mr. H. asserts in disgust adding, “I said we need to see the Boss, don’t talk to me like a do-boy.” Mr. H. growls. “Doesn’t matter what happened or what you think you need to do. Like I said, do you have the money, yes or no?” The voice sourly questions. “This ain’t the time for the games.” “No!” Mr. H. finally bites his tongue.

Coming out of the shadows, a man carrying a street sweeper slithers out. “This me, Lama. You know me! I a smack you like yo momma. Now did you hear what I said.” Mr. H. takes a deep, hard swallow. “Yeah, I heard you.” “Well you go get his money and don’t come back until you have it.” The Man extends a pointed gun, which glows from the illumination of the burning cig.

Seeing only the tennis ball-size empty hole of a huge weapon, Mr. H. responds mercifully.
“Ok Lama,” Yelling with a dragging voice, Lama summons Butts. “Let em’ out!” Stopping for a second, while heading toward the exit. Mr. H. questions with high respect, “can you tell my girlfriend Mrs. Sexy to come talk to me.” Naw, the Unda-Boss talking to her now and then I need to talk to her, ni get, before you make me mad!”

Walking back out into the alley, Mr. H., who is the street leader orders. “We gotta get the Unda-Boss’s money back. We need to go to every hood and sell this candy… Cokalina you go on the east side, Professor X you go on the low-end, Rasta you to the projects, Meth Man you got to the trailer park, and I will run up to the Carter. Let’s meet back up at my spot in about two hours cause the Unda-Boss gon’ be furious if he find out King Cervus took his money from us.”
The Bad Hustlers scour through out city in search for the bag.

Prowling through the community ‘Getting Their Hustle On,’ The Bad Hustlers quickly make positive moves. Meeting back up at Mr. H.’s spot, the pack then walk to a new desired playground on the eastside before heading back to the Unda-Boss’s corner to pay their debts. “Aye let’s see if King Cervus by the Boys Club. I got something in store for that chump.” Mr. H. smacks his open hand with his fist. “I’m mo bust his head again, when I see him.” Cokalina adds holding her weapon. 


     Not seeing King Cervus outside of their hang out, Meth Man yells, “That fool ain’t there. Let’s just go pay the Boss and we gon’ come back to the park and have the biggest party ever.”

“Forget him, this our set!” The charismatic Professor X, states while cleaning his thetiscope.
“Walking down 19th street as the dusk to dawn lights are pretty much buzzing and surrounded by mosquitoes, the crew head toward the Unda-Boss’s corner, Meth Man whispers. “Hey don’t look, but here comes Lama up ahead.” “Hey H., we need to bust him up. He can’t take us all.”
Rasta promises. Professor X feels forced to agree, “We should try him, plus he got my girlfriend over there.” Rasta adds. Suddenly Mr. H. snaps while the train is still in motion. “Yo girl? Who yo girl-Mrs. Sexy. Since when?” “She was my girl first!” Rasta charges in Mr. H.’s face. With a raised hand, Professor X accounts, “technically she was my girl first.”

While the men are arguing back and forth, Lama walks up. “Hey punks, the Unda-Boss wanna know if y’all got those dineros.” “Who you calling punks?” Cokalina fires verbally. With a pointing finger, Lama searches for the right answer. “You, you, you, you, and you.” Sitting his finger on Cokalina’s nose, Lama lets it be known. “You being a female excuses you from
nothing, you carrying a gun like everyone else and you ain’t used it because you ain’t no killer and the only reason I haven’t used mine is because the Unda-Boss ordered me not to. Otherwise nitty-nite, ni try me.”

Already in his emotions and full of testosterone, Mr. H. stands up for Cokalina, “man you ain’t so tough. You only act like that cus you got that yoppa!” Paying Mr. H.’s harsh words no attention. Cocking his weapon, Lama talks to Mr. H. with his back toward him, but keeps his eyes on Cokalina. “That’s all I need. So I’m gon’ ask you this question once. Do you got
Unda-Boss money, yes or no?” With a hard thought and a hard swallow to follow, Mr. H. responds at a low tone. “Yes! We got his bread”, Mr. H. pulls out a wrapped bankroll. “Well get on then, go clear yo tab.”

Walking off in silence, heading toward the Unda-Boss corner. After getting out of Lama’s site, the entire group of Bad Hustlers begin talking big boy trash. “Man I was about to sneak that fool, I just didn’t want him to accidentally shoot Cokalina. You know how mistakes happen.” Rasta rages on. “He lucky he didn’t take his eyes off me cause I was about to wet em’ up.” Cokalina swears, finally pulling her pearl jammy out of the crouch of her pants. Mr. H. looks at Meth Man
and Professor X, “man y’all ain’t say nothing.” “Yeah, I leave that tough talking for you black guys, remember I’m the smart one. Two things for certain, Lama will kill anything that’s not already dead, but he wasn’t going to start with me.” Meth Man adds, “I hate to say it but, y’all was about to get smoked like an old sausage grill. I was there when Lama cereal killed an entire hood because they supposedly knew something about the killing of his brother MC Scoop. The
Unda-Boss got him on a short leash because he got the spot hot last time, but when he gets off that leash, it’s gonna be hell to pay…”

While the group walks down the avenue, they bump into a couple of their comrades. “Yo Rasta, let me hold a sack!” 5-Fingers runs up real quick with Bully D. Williams right on his trail. “What up Cokalina, I see you stay packing. I thought you was gonna sell me yo missile.” Bully D. Williams slides in between the crew. “Dude yo broke butt can’t afford nothing I got to sell. And we noticed ain’t nobody seen yo sorry self since King knocked you out. You see how a lady had
to come save the day.” “Girl shut yo mouth before I knock you out.” Bully D Willams growls with his red cannons pumping.


”Oh yeah, I guess this chump Cokalina day. Well just try it.” “Girl ain’t nobody gon’ mess with you. I just wanna know what’s the bulge in Mr. H. pockets. He the man with all the money.” “Fam, this ain’t the time-.” Mr. H. eyes the sneaky Ugly Takers.

In a split second, 5-Fingers lunges towards Mr. H.’s pants, ripping his pockets. In the failed attempt, Mr. H.’s bag of money, leans out. Trying to grab the bag hanging from Mr. H.’s midsection, Bully D. Willams grabs the bag. “Bink!” Rasta catches Bully D. Williams on the side of his temple with a monster upper cut. Then 5-Finger runs up on Rasta and Mr. H., pulling out his butterfly knife. “Gimme the bred fool, he swings the knife a few times, slicing into Mr. H.’s shirt. “BANG BANG BANG!!” Cokalina fires off 3 rounds. “Both groups disperse into opposite directions.

    Running full speed down the street, the group tires and begin to walk. “I’m tired of saving you jokers.” Cokalina’s words fly off of her tongue, “ Girl shut up, remember I’m the one who bought that for you. You better protect yo money!” Mr. H. laughs aloud. “Freeze police!” A crooked voice rings out, sending a red laser beam lacing through the bodies of the furious five. “Put your hands up, I will kill you if you make a false move.” “Dang, we in trouble now, Crooked Cop got us!”

Having the group hogtied in the middle of the street. Crooked Cop, dressed full protective body gear, paces circles around the 5 handcuffed individuals. “Yo, this all y’all got? Counting in their face, he laughs. “I guess this is an alright day. Over $20,000. Hmm, you should had deposited it in the ATM, then I wouldn’t be depositing it into my pocket. But I smell more.”
Crooked Cop kicks Professor X in the leg. “Professor I know you know where the money is, you know true wealth, you just jacked it off. However, your going to tell me where your stash at then y’all will tell me who was shooting the middle of the street. Looking at Mr. H., Crooked Cop steps on Meth Man hand, squishing his fingers like jelly beans. At the same time, Crooked Cop points his gun at Rasta’s head.” Tell me where the money is or on the count of 3, he’s a dead man.
3-2-1.” “BLASH BLASH!” 2 riot shotgun shells fly over the heads of every one in a squatted position.


Stumbling over from the impact of pointblank blasts, Crooked Cop holds his armored chest while trying to keep his balance. Dropping the bundle of currency, Crooked falls to one knee.
Surveying the situation, he regains the stash then runs off. “I gon’ kill you today.” BLASH BLASH!” 2 more shots chase Crooked Cop off the block. I told you sucka, these my blocks!” Lama stands in the middle of the street holding his smoking, gatling gun high.

Looking at each other, Meth Man cries out! “Dang H! What do we do now?” With his lips poked out, “I need to think!” Mr. H. mumbles aloud. “Naw, you need to die!” Lama points his weapon in a circular, rotating motion. “Y’all either about to chase dat bag or y’all about to get back on the grind and if ya ain’t back in a hurry with the Unda-Boss money. Guess who coming.
But when I come, I don’t want no money.” Lama walks off, then fires a full clip into the air. “Ni-git!” Cokalina ducks with a jittery voice, “I don’t know about you guys, but I got to do my own thing, get my own money and give only my share to the Unda-Boss. Y’all clowns on y’all own.” Meth Man walks in the opposite direction of Cokalina, “I’m out, I’m bout to get my Hustle On!” “Great idea!” Rasta looks at Mr. H. and Professor X, we better split up and get his money.” Mr. H. responds, “If ya know like I know, I’m bought to stack me a quick mill and I out of here.

Forget the Unda-Boss.” In deep thought Rasta replies. “If I was to get a mill-ticket, I could pay off my debts…” Professor X smirks, I’m about to get my money out of the ATM and make some triple fast cash, I’m the one who taught King Cervus how to flip his money. No more getting high for me, I gotta stay focused.” The crew disbands into different directions. “Tell Cokalina and Meth Man the new plan.”

    Meanwhile, after having a good day, King Cervus bursts through the door with prime cut meats and a single present for each family member of his household. “Hey honey, I’m home!” The kids cheer as gifts are tossed in their direction. Seeing the presents, King’s wife questions with a frown. “Where’d you get some money so fast. I hope your not back to hustling.” King replies in laughter, “no baby. Some of the Bad Hustlers made a substantial donation toward the
Boys Club. So since the staff chose me to go collect the money, they also chose to give me a finders fee!”

Continuing to break out the gifts, “…to my loving daughter.” She opens up the gift. “Oh, a make-up set with fashion models…” “And to my son.” Tearing off the wrapper, “this is what I wanted, a Rock’em sock’em with the kung fu grip!” “And finally for my wife…” Slowly opening her gift, she blushes. “A gold necklace with a heart pendant!” “Yeah baby since all of your ices gone, I just want you to still be able to shine a lil’ bit.”

Changing the subject, as she cooks the porterhouse steaks with loaded baked potatoes, she questions, “so how much money did the BAD Hustlers donate?” They gave about $20,000.” King modestly twists his lips. “Wow, that’s a lot!” Her eyes bulge out. “Well kinda, but between everyone at the job now getting a well-deserved raise, along with getting air central conditioning at the Boys Club, it’s over. No mo money. I am also going to start teaching a self defense class,
so the bullies at the school won’t pick on no one else…” King Cervus gasps, bringing positivity back into his household.

Back in the hood, the gossip is stirring as the Bad Hustlers have been late meeting their quotas. Always willing to give any information for a couple of dollars, two of the neighborhood Ugly Takers, 5-Fingers followed by Bully D. Williams, ventures off into the Unda-Boss Corner. Walking through the front door of the casino-like establishment, the two thugs hop the red ropes of VIP. Showing discarded wristbands found on the floor, the sagging pants wearer and the huge heavyweight giant, proceed through the second set of security doors.

Stepping into a darkened room while old school gangster music blares from the concert speakers, the two, Ugly Takers snap their fingers to the tunes and glide to the bar. “Butts, what you doing back serving drinks? I heard you been kicking it with the Hustlers.” “Takers, what are you doing in here. I bet you fools snuck in again. But to answer your question, I don’t hang with the Hustlers any more. Between you guys and Crooked Cop, I be hustling backwards. Besides
I’m getting too old to be hustling. I’m just running this lil’ gig here the Unda-Boss gave me.”

Butts pours his old comrades a shot, along with himself a shot then swallows it. “Dang boy, if the Unda-Boss catch you drinking on duty, your going to be out of another job.” Both laugh. With stunting eyes, 5-Fingers downs his drink. “Yeah old friend go tell the Unda-Boss I got some information he would kill for.” With a hardened smile, Butts replies, “If I disturb him and the info is worthless, he may kill the both of you for wasting his time.” “Oh, I know he is going to love
this. I know who is stealing his money and he hasn’t a clue.” 5-Fingers laughs with the echoing giant following suit.

In the middle of the conversation, Butts fires up 3 cigarettes at once. “Now you got me nervous. I tell the Unda-Boss you got the info that’s not good, it won’t be good for me, but if I don’t tell him and the info was important, it will be worse for me. DAM DAM DAM!” Simultaneously burping from alcohol, Lama strikes around the corner with a pointing finger, “Yo
Butts, pack ya bags, you fired!” “Fired for what?” Butts burps again. “Multiple reasons, stealing drinks, fraternizing with snitches and wanna be tough Takers, plus you didn’t come tell the Boss what these punks rattling off at the mouth about. Y’all know everything in here wired.” With a treacherous stare, “Butts get little, and you two follow me. And let me find out y’all wolfin’ about important info-I’m gon’ pay you alright. But its gon’ be in lead not in silver. Ni get up those stairs.”

Moments later, Lama opens a curtain up where Mrs. Sexy appears to be recovering from a super-long nap. Looking at her with a weird grin, Lama motions his head forward, “you come with us, time for you to start getting your Take-On like everyone else.” After being escorted into a private room full of encased newspaper articles of famous drug busts to unsolved disappearances, Lama shoves the trio of Mrs. Sexy, Bully D. Williams and 5-Fingers onto the
couch. “Spit it out or I’m gon’ cut it out!” Being blinded by a 100” plasma screen showing Japanese gangster movies, a figure spins around in a revolving chair. “Speak!” Known for keeping his words to a minimum, the Unda-Boss raises from his nested cradle. 

Staring at each other, Bully D. Williams nudges his comrade, while the Unda-Boss closes in.
“Don’t kill me Boss, I just thought you might want to know why the Hustlers been late with your payments. I know why.” As silence lingers through the room, a loud smack goes to the back of 5-Fingers head, with Lama stating. “We ain’t got all day snitch, ni snitch! I bet it didn’t take that long when you got into that police car.” “If I ask you to speak again, it will be your name in the next newspaper clippings to decorate my office.” “Oh, since you put it like that. Remember King
Cervus, your old arch rival. You know the same one who extorted you to buy his carwash so that you can own the entire block-well he just got out of jail and he is a Good Guy now. He’s been beating up your entire legion of Bad Hustlers and he also been taking their money/your money to fix up the community. When I heard that, I was like I got to tell you at once. Cause I remember King Cervus beat you at your own game a long time ago and left the city with his riches-.“ “Silence! I guess you don’t know when to shut up.” “I’m sorry Boss, there I go again!

You told me to shut up the last time I came-! It’s just when I get to snitchn’-i mean talkin’, I just

can’t cut it off.” “Quiet, I said quiet before I cut it out!”
Looking at Lama, “Get this trash out of me site!”
Snatching both knit-witts by the collar, the talkative 5-Fingers cries out as they are being dragged down the hall. “Unda-Boss I know your going to pay us for the info.” “Don’t worry, you’ll get paid.” Pausing, “Lama, pay them in full when you get there! Ha-Ha-Ha, talking bout King Cervus extorted me. You will find out the true meaning of extortion! Yes you will, along with everyone else. No one will survive!” The Unda-Boss then looks at Mrs. Sexy with a negative head shake and points his finger toward the duo of snitching Ugly Takers, “Go!”

As streets talk of the Good Guys raking in all of the Hustlers funds, Crooked Cop canvasses the basketball courts, where the Hustlers hang, which is just across from the Boys Club. At this time, King Cervus and Counselor Mom are in the building speaking of his freedays in which his time will be donated…”King Cervus, so I guess we’ll agree on Saturday and Sunday in which you’ll teach boxing and your self defense classes?” “Sounds good, I’m looking forward to
mingling with a lot of these boys, who have no father figures at home. I think this may deter them from going to the streets.

As the two talk, Counselor Mom notices from the windows. “Oh boy, I see the Hustlers back up to their old tricks.” With a sharp eye, still dressed in his royal fatigues, King Cervus confirms,

“not on my watch or block. I’m going to chase these Hustler’s off the block before they even get started.


Striking out of the building, King Cervus confronts the usual suspects. “Aye, beat it!” Suddenly the Hustlers run away. However an unmarked car pulls up with a police swat member exiting the vehicle. King Cervus then breathes a sigh of relief. “Whew! I see you came to help. Your much quicker than Officer Friendly.” “Shut up pal!” Crooked Cop pulls out his weapon. “I’ve been getting reports of an ex-felon around here robbing the teenagers…” “Naw man, I work here.
These so-called teenagers selling drugs-“ “Turn around, put your hands on the car, you know the routine King Cervus!”

Conducting a body search, Crooked Cop immediately confiscates King’s money and transfers it into his own pockets. “Too dumb to put your money into the ATM huh! Your going to jail.” “Why you taking my money?” “It’s evidence now and will be used against you.” Quickly Counselor Mom runs out to King Cervus’ aid. “Officer, your making a big mistake, he’s a Good Guy!” “Ma’am, this police business, you have two seconds to leave the vicinity!” “I’m not going anywhere, I work here!” King Cervus immediately insists of Counselor Mom. “Please leave!” “He’s violating your rights, I’m not going anywhere.”

Two hours later, Rev and Officer Friendly meet to bond both King Cervus and Counselor Mom out of Jail. However, “no bonds are set due to misfiled paperwork. You both will be released with no charges.” Officer Friendly grants the good news. “Aye man, the Crooked Cop took both of our money.” “Sorry Counselor Mom, but the undercover agent works for the task force. He’s here to curve the violence and doesn’t even report to our police agency. He just drops off prisoners. I have no say in his matters, however I will definitely have a word with him.


An hour later, Rev and King Cervus return to the police station, ironically, to pick up Officer Friendly, who is in custody. “…and he impounded my police car!” Both Rev and King Cervus laugh hardily. “How does a police go to jail while on duty?” Feeling like an idiot, as he is also released for misfiled paperwork, Officer Friendly asks Rev. “Aye Rev, loan me a couple of dollars, the undercover officer took all of my money.” “Ha ha ha ha ha! We need to have a meeting discussing this Crooked Cop, Bad Hustlers and that guy who robbed us called Lama.

We need to come up with a plan…”

Sitting at the church, the party of the four Good Guys; King Cervus, Rev, Officer Friendly, and Counselor Mom, put their heads together. “We have to take our streets back, if these Bad Guys and Ugly Takers are going to run the streets of GI, they are going to play by our rules and we will help the community at the same time.” “How is that?” Counselor Mom questions. “Well Officer Friendly, it’s time you do your job, arrest every bad guy you see. You know all of them
and you know their motives.” “That’s too much work, I can’t chase bad guys all day!”

The remaining three Good Guys stare wildly at him. “And why not?” “Well I guess, I could use the exercise.” Officer Friendly snickers. “Now Counselor Mom, you and Rev need to take waivers to these Bad Guys parents. They need to agree that it’s okay for their kids to be hauled off to school for an education or to church for a blessing. We will give the parents, who cooperate, payoffs for being willing to let us force their kids to walk the straight and narrow.” “And where are we getting all of this money from?” “We’ll use their own money, it’s illegal money , plus I know there are some grants the city can apply for by having an upscale of kids attending classes.” “Sure, but they won’t sign up.” “Now they will, with our help.” “Well I know the church can use some extra donations as well.” “ Okay Rev, I’ll make a deal with you. For every Bad Hustler you take to church for a blessing, I will slip some money in Sunday’s offering, because on my streets these Bad Hustlers gon’ learn that crime doesn’t pay.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Lama stomps back into the Unda-Boss’ domain. “I let em’ go and told them ‘Ready or Not here I come!” Placing a brotherly hand on Lama’s shoulder, the Unda-Boss orders at a silent tone. “Kill em’ all. Let God recover their souls.” Nodding his head in confirmation, Lama walks into a grand vault, which is located through a hidden wall.
Entering empty-handed, he exits with an army bag full blue steel. “Knock knock! Who’s there?” Lama answers his own question aloud. “The hitter-quitter, won’t feel like splinters.

Welcome to the GAME OF CHASE, Gangsta Island!”